Three of the Most Important Video Games of All Time

Video game developer Hans Ivis founded his blog IvisPlay to share his deep understanding of the industry with the gaming community. On IvisPlay, gamers can read video game news and reviews, chat with peers, and buy and sell games. While many gamers enjoy keeping up to date on the latest releases, others enjoy learning about classic games that have made their mark on the gaming industry.

GamesRadar created a list of the most important video games, which has contributed to the growth of gaming. At the top of its list is a 1960s game called Spacewar!, a two-player spaceship battle game which was the first to gain popularity. Another classic, Pong, earned the #2 spot, which had wildly successful arcade and home versions in the 1970s. Ranked number #3, the 1980s game, Super Mario Bros., featured a scrolling screen design that revolutionized game play and inspired a resurgence of the home gaming market.

Today, the advent of mobile gaming has created a new era of gaming popularity. The contributions of the top three most important games, and many others, have given modern-day video game aficionados abundant choices for hours of gaming entertainment.

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