Alien: Isolation – Consistent with Ridley Scott’s Vision

IvisPlay is the creation of video game developer Hanz Ivis. The blog draws upon his rich and varied experience within the industry and promotes discussion of topical issues within the community. IvisPlay keeps readers abreast of new developments in the world of video games.

The forthcoming Alien: Isolation video game appears to evoke Ridley Scott’s original science fiction masterpiece, according to those fortunate enough to preview it. In fact, many of the 1979 film’s actors, including Sigourney Weaver, are featured in speaking roles in the game. The focus of this project is apparently less about over-the-top brutality, as is the case with earlier Alien video games. Here, players engage in a bona fide survival horror story, even at a time when that genre seems to have lost popularity.

Early players have remarked on the lengths taken to keep this new game authentically connected to Ridley Scott’s vision. By involving so many original cast members, the creators ensured a successful recreation of the film’s atmosphere.

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