Donkey Kong Name – A Controversial Moniker for Nintendo

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For gamers, the year 2014 has proven to be an exciting one for video game releases. One of the classic and popular games that video gamers continue to play is the Donkey Kong series of games. This year is no exception, with the introduction of Donkey Kong Country on February 21. The latest edition is “Tropical Freeze.”

The birth of the DK character, a gorilla, came about in 1981. At that time, the toymaker, Nintendo, introduced DK in an arcade game that became immediately known around the world.

While the first name for the ape, “Donkey,” is often questioned, the creator of the creature, Shigeru Miyamoto, said the gorilla’s name is an intended reference to the stubbornness of the ape.

Even the ape’s last name, “Kong,” was questioned with respect to originality. When the ape first appeared on the scene, Universal Studios claimed that Nintendo had violated the copyright on its King Kong character. However, the court ruled in favor of Nintendo, all which led to further expansion of the DK character and game in the United States.

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