Dragon Age Franchise to Return to Roots with Third Game, Inquisition

Game developer and writer Hanz Ivis founded Ivisplay as a gaming blog in May 2013. Since then, Ivisplay has grown into a community hub for gamers with the goal of building camaraderie and turning gaming into a strongly interpersonal experience by connecting gamers around the world. Ivis writes frequent editorials on gaming topics and recent developments.

Many gaming franchises have used an iterative model in sequel development, with fundamental gameplay concepts remaining relatively similar. Bioware’s Dragon Age series has departed from this trend. The first game in the series, Dragon Age: Origins, focuses on an end-of-the-world scenario the player must prevent. Whereas Dragon Age: Origins emphasized role-playing and tactical combat in an epic setting, its successor, Dragon Age 2, focused more on personal storylines and hack-and-slash combat.

The third game in the series, Dragon Age Inquisition, will return to the RPG-oriented game play of Origins. A higher degree of customization and a grander scale also hark back to the first game in the series, a development likely to please many fans of Origins who felt that the sequel lacked many of that game’s appealing characteristics. Furthermore, Inquisition will feature the return of more characters from Origins.

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