Three of the Most Important Video Games of All Time

Video game developer Hans Ivis founded his blog IvisPlay to share his deep understanding of the industry with the gaming community. On IvisPlay, gamers can read video game news and reviews, chat with peers, and buy and sell games. While many gamers enjoy keeping up to date on the latest releases, others enjoy learning about classic games that have made their mark on the gaming industry.

GamesRadar created a list of the most important video games, which has contributed to the growth of gaming. At the top of its list is a 1960s game called Spacewar!, a two-player spaceship battle game which was the first to gain popularity. Another classic, Pong, earned the #2 spot, which had wildly successful arcade and home versions in the 1970s. Ranked number #3, the 1980s game, Super Mario Bros., featured a scrolling screen design that revolutionized game play and inspired a resurgence of the home gaming market.

Today, the advent of mobile gaming has created a new era of gaming popularity. The contributions of the top three most important games, and many others, have given modern-day video game aficionados abundant choices for hours of gaming entertainment.

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Alien: Isolation – Consistent with Ridley Scott’s Vision

IvisPlay is the creation of video game developer Hanz Ivis. The blog draws upon his rich and varied experience within the industry and promotes discussion of topical issues within the community. IvisPlay keeps readers abreast of new developments in the world of video games.

The forthcoming Alien: Isolation video game appears to evoke Ridley Scott’s original science fiction masterpiece, according to those fortunate enough to preview it. In fact, many of the 1979 film’s actors, including Sigourney Weaver, are featured in speaking roles in the game. The focus of this project is apparently less about over-the-top brutality, as is the case with earlier Alien video games. Here, players engage in a bona fide survival horror story, even at a time when that genre seems to have lost popularity.

Early players have remarked on the lengths taken to keep this new game authentically connected to Ridley Scott’s vision. By involving so many original cast members, the creators ensured a successful recreation of the film’s atmosphere.

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Donkey Kong Name – A Controversial Moniker for Nintendo

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For gamers, the year 2014 has proven to be an exciting one for video game releases. One of the classic and popular games that video gamers continue to play is the Donkey Kong series of games. This year is no exception, with the introduction of Donkey Kong Country on February 21. The latest edition is “Tropical Freeze.”

The birth of the DK character, a gorilla, came about in 1981. At that time, the toymaker, Nintendo, introduced DK in an arcade game that became immediately known around the world.

While the first name for the ape, “Donkey,” is often questioned, the creator of the creature, Shigeru Miyamoto, said the gorilla’s name is an intended reference to the stubbornness of the ape.

Even the ape’s last name, “Kong,” was questioned with respect to originality. When the ape first appeared on the scene, Universal Studios claimed that Nintendo had violated the copyright on its King Kong character. However, the court ruled in favor of Nintendo, all which led to further expansion of the DK character and game in the United States.

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Dragon Age Franchise to Return to Roots with Third Game, Inquisition

Game developer and writer Hanz Ivis founded Ivisplay as a gaming blog in May 2013. Since then, Ivisplay has grown into a community hub for gamers with the goal of building camaraderie and turning gaming into a strongly interpersonal experience by connecting gamers around the world. Ivis writes frequent editorials on gaming topics and recent developments.

Many gaming franchises have used an iterative model in sequel development, with fundamental gameplay concepts remaining relatively similar. Bioware’s Dragon Age series has departed from this trend. The first game in the series, Dragon Age: Origins, focuses on an end-of-the-world scenario the player must prevent. Whereas Dragon Age: Origins emphasized role-playing and tactical combat in an epic setting, its successor, Dragon Age 2, focused more on personal storylines and hack-and-slash combat.

The third game in the series, Dragon Age Inquisition, will return to the RPG-oriented game play of Origins. A higher degree of customization and a grander scale also hark back to the first game in the series, a development likely to please many fans of Origins who felt that the sequel lacked many of that game’s appealing characteristics. Furthermore, Inquisition will feature the return of more characters from Origins.

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